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Teacher Education: Multicultural Education

James Banks' Framework for Multicultural Education

The University of Washington's Chair in Diversity Studies Emeritus and founding director of the University of Washington's Center for Multicultural Education, James Banks, has identified five dimensions of multicultural education. They are:

  • Content Integration: challenges "teachers to use examples and content from a variety of cultures and groups to illustrate key concepts." 
  • Knowledge Construction Process: "describes how teachers help students to understand, investigate, and determine how biases and perspectives influence the research and resources within a discipline."
  • Prejudice Reduction: "Lessons and activities used by teachers to help students to develop positive attitudes toward different racial, ethnic, and cultural groups."
  • Equity Pedagogy: "exists when teachers modify their teaching in ways that will facilitate the academic achievement of students from diverse racial, cultural, and social-class groups."
  • An Empowering School Culture and Social Structure: "the culture and organization of the school is transformed in ways that enable students from diverse racial, ethnic, and gender groups to experience equality and equal status."

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