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An overview of the Anderson University & Church of God Archives.


The Archives maintains two areas of emphasis:

The Anderson University Collection contains records relating to the history and development of the university, including Presidential Papers, biographical files, institutional correspondence, periodicals, and university publications.

The Church of God Collection contains records and artifacts related to the history and development of the Church of God Reformation Movement (Anderson, IN), including the personal library of D.S. Warner, biographical files, correspondence, published materials, theses and dissertations, and audiovisual materials. The Archives also maintains the entire print run of Gospel Trumpet and Vital Christianity, as well as numerous other Church of God periodicals and publications.

In addition, the archives has responsibility for and can provide guided access to the university's Special Collections and Rare Books. More infrormation about these collections is available here.

Collections overview

Material in the University Archives can be found through the online catalog. These include registers of manuscript collections, office files, corporate records, and audio-visual material. Please contact the University Archivist for assistance or visit the University Archives website for additional information.

Corporation Records (restricted)

Administrative Records (restricted)

Presidents' Papers

Faculty Papers

Alumni Papers

Student Records

Biographical Files

Congregational Files

Missionary Board Correspondence

Sound Recordings and Moving Images

University Publications

Warner Press Publications

Broadsides and Posters

Photographs and Prints

Songbooks of the Church of God

Charles E. Wilson Collection

Gaither Hymnal Collection


The Anderson University and Church of God Archives collects bound periodicals produced by or relating to the university and the Church of God movement. These are non-circulating and may be read in the Nora Hunter Reading Room. Some are available on the AU/Church of God Digital Archives. If you are looking for a title not listed here, or outside of the date range, contact the archivist—we may have a loose copy available.

Anderson University

  • A.C. World 1975-1986
  • Anderson College News 1962-1985
  • The Andersonian 1947-2014
  • Alumni News 1938-1963
  • The Broadcaster 1926-1935
  • College Catalog / University Catalog 1917-2017
  • Echoes 1922-2017
  • Literary Arts Magazine 1962-2012 (missing 2008)
  • Signatures 1987-2013
  • Theo Week 1969-1988

Church of God

  • Boy's and Girl's Comrade 1912-1952
  • Christian Leadership 1959-1988
  • Church of God Missions / Missions 1951-2009
  • Evangelie Trumpet / Evangelii Trumpet 1903-1911
  • Den Evangeliske Basun / Evangeli Basun 1904-1907, 1916, 1920
  • Evangeliums Posaune (Germany) / Perspektiven 1895, 1905-1906, 1914, 1951-1998
  • Evangeliums Posaune (York, Nebraska) 1961-2011
  • Friends of Missions 1936-1951
  • The Gospel Contact 1952-1991
  • Gospel Trumpet/Vital Christianity 1881-1996 Available online at the AU/Church of God Digital Library
  • The Helper (Anderson, IN) 1916
  • Der Jugend Wegweiser 1913-1915
  • Missionary Herald 1910-1912
  • Missionary Outlook 1941-1951
  • Missionsbote 1957-1988
  • OneVoice 2004-2007
  • Our Little Folks 1907-1920
  • The Pioneer 1940
  • Our Ministerial Letter 1912-1918
  • Planning Creatively 1946-1958
  • Shining Light / Stories for Children / The Shining Light Survey 1891-1995
  • Trombeta Evangelica / Trombeta / La Trompeta 1961-2000
  • Young People's Friend / Youth / Reach 1920-1983

Presidents' Papers

The Archives contains the papers of all of Anderson University's past presidents.

  • John A. Morrison 1923–1958 - finding aid
  • Robert H. Reardon 1958-1983 - finding aid
  • Robert A. Nicholson 1983-1990
  • James L. Edwards 1990-2015

The President's papers contain correspondence, memoranda, speeches, journals, reports, publications, and office files, and provide an extraordinary view of the development of the University from a small "Bible school and seminary" to one of the leading educational institutions in the United States. These papers include information on fundraising, admissions, curriculum development, buildings, academic centers and departments, student activities, athletic teams, faculty, students, alumni, and finances.

Songbooks of the Church of God

Songs, hymns, and poetry have been central to the development and self-understanding of the Church of God as a movement. As Merle Strege summarizes, "The practice of singing the faith was critically important because it was through song that the message reached furthest and deepest into the movement's heart" (I Saw the Church, 58). The Archives collects both audio recordings and documentary history of this musical legacy. Among the published songbooks and hymnals, you can find the following in our archives:

  • Songs of Victory 1885
  • Anthems from the Throne 1888
  • Echoes from Glory 1893
  • Songs of the Evening Light 1897
  • Salvation Echoes 1900
  • Harvest Hymns 1902
  • Truth in Song 1907
  • Select Hymns 1911
  • Junior Hymns 1914
  • Soul Winning Songs for Evangelistic and Revival Work 1914
  • Songs of Grace and Glory 1918
  • Reformation Glory 1923
  • Melodies of Zion 1926
  • Christ in Song 1927
  • Children's Praise and Worship 1928
  • Hymns and Spiritual Songs 1930
  • His Praise Anew 1936
  • Songs of Zion 1940
  • Select Hymns II 1940
  • Hymnal of the Church of God (brown cover) 1953
  • Hymnal of the Church of God (red cover) 1971
  • Worship the Lord: Hymnal of the Church of God 1989

Published sources

The Archives holds many published histories of Anderson University and the Church of God (Anderson), including:

Brown, Charles Ewing. When the Trumpet Sounded: A History of the Church of God Reformation Movement. Anderson, IN: The Warner Press, 1951.

Callen, Barry L. Guide of Soul and Mind: The Storuy of Anderson University. Anderson, In: Anderson University and Warner Press, Inc., 1992.

Jones, Charles Edwin. A Guide to the Study of the Holiness Movement. Metuchen, NJ: The Scarecrow Press and The American Theological Library Association, 1974.

Strege, Merle D. The Desk As Altar: The Centennial History of Anderson University. Anderson University Press, 2016.

           . I Saw the Church: The Life of the Church of God Told Theologically. Anderson, IN: Warner Press, 2002.