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BIOL 2080: Flora of Indiana: Find Books

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It is usually easiest to read eBooks online, a chapter at a time.  If you want to download an entire eBook, it is doable but can be a bit complicated.  Here are instructions.




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Subclass QK:

  • QK1-989 - Botany
  • QK1-474.5 - General Including geographical distribution
  • QK474.8-495 - Spermatophyta. Phanerogams
  • QK494-494.5 - Gymnosperms
  • QK495 - Angiosperms
  • QK504-(638) - Cryptogams
  • QK640-(707) - Plant anatomy
  • QK710-899 - Plant physiology
  • QK900-989 - Plant ecology 

Subclass SB:

  • SB1-1110 - Plant culture