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eBooks from Nicholson Library: Downloading eBooks

Finding, using, saving, and downloading eBooks from Nicholson Library

Downloading Library eBooks

ADOBE Digital Editions
Many eBook interfaces allow you to download a Library eBook using a service called Digital Editions. It's simple to set up:
You need to Install ADOBE Digital Editions (a program/reader that prevents sharing the book with others)
Once ADOBE Digital editions is installed, you need to authorize it in one of two ways.  Either

2. If you want to read books only on a single device

  • * Open ADOBE Digital editions >> Menu "Help" >>Authorize computer >>
    * and select read on this computer/device only
Now you can download library eBooks from many platforms.
Look for a button such as "download PDF" or "Full Download" or a  "PDF/ePub" icon.
The book may open up 
  • automatically in the ADOBE Digital editions app.
  • you may need to navigate to your downloads folder, and look for a file with the suffix .acsm (maybe URLLink.acsm), and open that file with the ADOBE Digital editions app (right click on a PC) 
Please contact a librarian if you need help doing this: