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Honors Seminar: Submitting Your Work



Congratulations on completing your honors thesis, senior seminar paper, baccalaureate address, or convocation/chapel address. In addition to the delivery of a print copy of your work to the Library Director (for placement in the Anderson University & Church of God Archives), all students will deposit a digital version of their work into Anderson University's Digital Repository.

The library preserves and provides access to your work in these ways:

  • Each student's print copy is available to the members of the Anderson University community and the general public in the Anderson University & Church of God Archives during its regular business hours.
  • The digital, full-text version of each student's work is available to the members of the current Anderson University community when the work is deposited in the Anderson University Digital Repository, our web-based, open-access compliant institutional repository for Anderson-produced digital content. It is a permanent archive.
  • The digital full-text version of the student's work may be made available globally to better serve the Anderson University community.

Your work is discoverable in two ways:

  • Every student's work is placed in the Nicholson Library catalog of resources. A link to the digital copy is included there, as well.
  • Every student's work deposited in the Anderson University Digital Repository is searchable using any internet search engine.


To submit your work to the Digital Repository, complete this form.  Email the signed form to the Anderson University Archives at


Poster Printing

The wide format printer is not a self-service machine, so the library staff must make the prints for you. To submit a print request, please contact Jared Hutchens. To speed up the process, please include the following in your email: paper type, file in the correct size, and an applicable budget number.

The cost for each poster includes a $1.50 charge per square foot of print area. Afterward, there is a charge per square foot of paper used, which varies based on type. Below you will find a current list of options available in NicMedia.

Wide Format Paper Types
Paper Type Price/ft²
Bond 10¢
Satin Photo 40¢
Matte Photo 20¢
Self Adhesive Poly 60¢
Photo Tex $1.10