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It is usually easiest to read eBooks online, a chapter at a time.  If you want to download an entire eBook, it is doable but can be a bit complicated.  Here are instructions.




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Library catalog: To find commentaries in the library catalog, search for "[name of Bible book] Bible commentaries" for example "Joshua Bible commentaries". 

eBook commentaries: Many newer commentaries are available as eBooks from on-campus or off-campus.  eBooks are in the the library catalog, see above.

Commentary sets: Browse commentary sets in the Reference Collection, look under

  • BS491.2 for Old and New Testament sets
  • BS1154 for Old Testament commentary sets
  • BS2341 for New Testament commentary sets

Commentaries on individual books: these are in biblical order, some in Reference collection, but most individual commentaries are in the circulating Stacks collection.  The commentaries in the Reference collection tend to be more for an academic audience, and the commentaries in the Stacks collection tend to be more for interpretation, preaching exposition and application.

  • BS1235 Genesis starts the Old Testament
  • BS2575 Matthew starts the New Testament

Historical commentaries:

  • BR60 Church fathers
  • BR330 Martin Luther
  • Jean [John] Calvin, and under individual books of the Bible

Digital Maps


Biblical Archaeology Review Restricted Resource Some full text available
1975 to Present
Biblical Theology Bulletin Restricted Resource Some full text available
1999 to Present
Expository Times Restricted Resource Some full text available
1999 to Present
Horizons Restricted Resource Some full text available
2010 to Present 
Interpretation Restricted Resource Some full text available
1999 to Present 
Journal of Biblical Literature Restricted Resource Some full text available
2001 to Present 
Liturgy Restricted Resource Some full text available
1997 to Present
New Testament Studies Restricted Resource Some full text available
1997 to Present 
Novum Testamentum Restricted Resource Some full text available
1957 to Present 
Religion and American Culture Restricted Resource Some full text available
1991 to Present 

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Restricted Resource = AU login required
Some full text available = Full-text included
Resource contains images = Images included
Resource contains video = Video included
Resource contains audio = Audio included